Welcome to Airstream Taxi

Welcome to Airstream Taxi

Airstream provides a safe friendly taxi service for all your journey requirements.

No journey is too long or short.

Seamus (the taxi) has 8 seats - 6 comfortable seats with plenty of leg room and 2 seats up front. The luggage compartment has ample space for all your bags and suitcases.

Seamus is designed with an underfloor ramp for easy wheelchair access. There are four separate securing points with a safety belt to ensure the disabled customer is comfortable and secure. Safety is our priority, it is central to every journey Airstream makes with passengers.

  • Transfers to Airports or Port of Tyne.
  • Roman wall walkers welcome.
  • Airstream will take you door to door in comfort.

Airstream Taxi working in association with Barry's Taxi